Traeger Pro 575: First Meal


The Traeger Grills have this certain type of way about them. They are expensive and top of the link and seemingly not necessary. BUT wow what a joy to cook. I wanted to start simple. Chicken seems to be the easiest so I got ran off to the store to grab some chicken breasts and I also got a pork loin, (which I'm currently grilling).

I marinated the chicken with the olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Fin & Feather rub. Set the grill to temp and preheats super fast. I also threw on some corn wrapped in foil with olive oil and seasoning. I cooked the chicken for a bit and about 20 mins before being done I hit them a mixture of the Traeger Sweet and Heat and Traeger 'Que sauce. Waited till the probe indicated the right temp and boom done!

Incredibly simple and easy. If you like cooking at home you might want to look into one of these grills!

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