Solo Camping: Horse Flats Campground


Last weekend I took a solo trip to Horse Flats Campground up in Angeles National Forest. From Downtown LA its only about 45 mins. Aside from this campground theres some others as well. As of April 1st they all opened up and this would be my first time camping up there.

The campground is a decent size, I stayed at site #12 its pretty secluded from the other sites. But its also close to some trails around the campground. If you go to camp here, remember to bring cash for the $12 fee per night to camp.

I simple went to take a break from LA. I just got back from Iceland and kinda needed a buffer back into the city life of LA so a solo trip to the woods is a good option. I brought a sandwich for lunch and some chicken and rice for dinner. Super simple and easy to bring in a small cooler along with some OJ, water and a couple snacks.

Escaping the normal everyday usually doesn't include escaping this thing. I usually bring my laptop and all that to edit photos while out in the wilderness.

Here are some key items besides the basics I tend to bring on solo camping:

All photos in this post were taken on 35mm film. With a Nikon F100.

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“The mountains are calling and I must go"
john muir