Sierra's Trip: Night 01 + Day 02


Arrived in Alabama Hills at night. But luckily our friend Nathalie was in the area and snagged a good spot considering that the area is quite busy that weekend. So we set up shop and had a chill night next to a Biolite Firepit. Which by the way is pretty awesome! But I don’t recommend it to keep you warm.

The next day we headed for the snow!

Heading north on 395 is one of the best things about this whole trip! It’s such a beautiful drive, just cant beat it! So headed into Mammoth and got some coffee and meet up with friends for a quick hangs. Now for the snow…

But with snow we found some trouble. My Montero didn’t love the idea of going up this untouched hill. The truck started sliding down the hill sideways and finally caught a rut / tree to stay in place on the hill. So we had to straighten out the truck to reverse back down the hill. So the ADD Winch Plate + Warn VR10 came into play and some traction boards! Pretty simple recovery and got the truck into place. The photos are after since we were so nervous we didn’t think of it after the fact, but hey! That winch just paid for itself.

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“The mountains are calling and I must go"
john muir