Roaming Lost Cleanup: 01


First off, Thanks goes to everyone who came.

This idea spawned from the new reporting on how bad National Parks were so trashed because of the government shutdown. And this won't be some political rant because well there's not much need. BUT there was the need for getting out there and doing something about it. And being that I am more of a person of doing than talking I wanted to use my social influence via Instagram to rally the people up. Well, it did that!

So when I was told that local group like Friends of Joshua Tree had the national park cleaned and covered, I thought of the BLM land north of the park and the locals I talked to agreed. It's BAD. So we all met up and headed to meet with Seth from Cliffhanger Guides to get more local info and grab supplies they had for us.

Then off to the location. The photos tell just a tiny portion of what is out there. But the group found an especially bad area and concentrated in that area. you'd have to take the top foot of the soil out there to get all the ammo shells out there. We grabbed all the big items, couches, tv's, etc. So much stuff we had to rent an Uhaul trailer to get it all to the dump the next day.

When I thought of doing a cleanup day, I didn’t really expect this much of a turnout! I'm stoked on how many people came through and showed support of cleaning up our public lands.

We will do more of these and I learned a lot from this, so keep your eye out for more info via Instagram!

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“The mountains are calling and I must go"
john muir