Hidden In The Hills


First trip of 2019! I was so stoked to get outdoors again. With a plan to meet up with family this weekend, I wanted to get out an extra day and camp somewhere on our way north. As I was talking with my buddy Jacob, he sent me some coordinates for a "locals" camp spot.Which I'm always grateful for because that means it's a good one!

So we headed north for the coordinates.

When we got there you climb some switchbacks and turn a couple of corners and boom the views are insane! I honestly didn't know this area existed. So we drive some miles and see a lot of campsites and finally pick one. The views are amazing. The sunset didn’t disappoint and I went to bed stoked to wake up for sunrise. Well, midnight hits and so does the wind! So violent I was almost tempted to move the truck out of it. But we stuck through and woke up to a beautiful sunrise.

Packed up and headed back into town. Ate some donuts and drank some coffee and we were off!

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“The mountains are calling and I must go"
john muir