Gear Review: Goalzero Sherpa 100AC


So I have had this guy since it came out a couple months or so ago. And well it’s saved me a couple times!

I bought it after a trip where I could have really used it. And of course the Sherpa 100AC came out following that trip. So I went ahead and purchased it.. Since then i have used it to keep my laptop charged on trips and the wireless charing of the phone is handy too.

I found that its a bit bulky to have around especially when Im using the camp table for workstation it takes up a bit of room on the small square table. But the fact that I can charge pretty much any battery, phone, or tablet is super great. And thats exactly why I bought it.

So not many complaints on my end, I guess it would be nicer if the price tag wasnt so high.

You can get more info on the Goalzero Sherpa 100AC here!

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