The DJI RS2 is such a huge improvement from the Ronin 2. Having had the chance to use both I must say the add features and overall usage is a big leap towards the right direction. This gimble has been reviewed and picked over many time so this wont be a in depth look at it but more of a few words on how I found it to be useful.

I wanted to test this out for a run and gun setup. Not only is it lighter using carbon but its slightly smaller than the previous version. Which made it small enough to fit in my camera bag. Though the case it comes with is very nice and compact as well. The other aspect is setup time. Gimbals are notoriously slow to setup but with the new camera plate and locking arms its easy to get it going in a very short period of time. My video setup changes very little as I am usually using the same body and lens but on the fly adjustments are easy. Some of the features for time lapses and subject tracking with the Raven Eye 2 I have yet to use but could come in use soon down the road.

Overall the system is a breeze to use and if you're looking for a slightly cheaper setup with a smaller camera you could check out the DJI RSC 2.

Here are some links for a more in-depth look, tips and tricks:

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