Custom Line-X Cabinet


I was put into contact with Nathaniel from Huntington Beach Line-X for a project I'm currently working on with RedArc Electronics and I made a wooden cabinet for this project and was told Line-X is the way to go with a finish.

So we met up and I dropped off the cabinet to get prepped and painted. Once it was ready I headed down for the actual painting part and snapped some photo's. Along with getting some rad photos i learned a lot about the product. It seems like they put a lot of R&D and technical things i am unqualified to talk about but the durability and and quality is beyond what I can produce with a rattle can of spray paint... Obviously. I think it's going to be a go to option for anything built for the truck that needs a good coating.

If this is something you may be interested in doing check out a local Line-X shop or if you're in SoCal area. Hit up Nathaniel from Huntington Beach Line-X.

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