Alubox A042 + A081


New storage coming in hot. The AluBox A042 and A081 are not only durable as hell but beautiful! Nothing like something new and shiny. I have always used the Front Runner Outfitter wolf pack but always wanted something a bit more visually pleasing. Being a photographer and all.

The main characteristic besides looks is weight, these things are light. And especially noticeable with the A081. Its pretty large and really weighs nothing, so stuffing it with our bedding is a easy one to pull out and move around. The A042 I use for my stove fuel and Buddy Heater in one and the other box is now our dry food storage. which is plenty big for the size of our current trips.

Overall these boxes just work and the fact that you can stack them and they don't move around on top of each other is awesome. You can even get Goose Gear Top Plates to have a grippier top side.

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