Mud Terrain to Multi Terrain


I recently switched from the Cooper STT PRO’s to the ST Maxx and well my everyday self couldn’t be happier!

The Cooper STT PRO are some excellent tires. The sizing I went with are 306/70/16 and normally people wouldn’t go this wide on a 33” tire but I wanted to try it out and have a wider footprint. It’s been awesome its great off-road when aired down and isn’t terrible daily driving. Tho you can save some weight getting 285s.

I switched from the Mud Terrains to Multi Terrains (?) not sure what exactly they’re considered. But the ST Maxx retain the Armor Tek3 sidewalls. But they definitely improve on the road noise, something I noticed right off the bet. Off-road they seem to be a bit softer and less rigid. As for daily driving they absorb the road significantly. Overall they are much better as a daily driver. Not as aggressive looking but overall considerably better for that everyday ride.

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“The mountains are calling and I must go"
john muir