Iceland Ring Road // Day 2


Day 2 started off with views of Kirkjufell from our Airbnb. Small little tiny cabin which seems to be the regular for Airbnb's in Iceland. But who can complain about space when you have a view like Iceland? We headed over to the classic mountain view and Kirkjufellfoss spot to get that iconic shot of them both.

After Kirkjufell we hit the road for our second Airbnb in Ísafjörður. On that route we hit a pretty scary drive over the mountains pass to the northern part of Westjfords. Complete white out for about 30km's. Thanks to Blue Car Rental for supplying us with a 4x4 truck that handled the whole drive so well!

As we passed through more of the Westjfords, we explored some gravel roads and found this random hot spring between the water and road. If it wasn't as freezing and windy and maybe even had a towel I think we all would of jumped in. But of course I starred this spot on google maps!

After a ton of driving, stopping, driving, and stopping some more. We finally made it to the small town of Ísafjörður. We rested up, cooked some food and got ready for day 3!

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“The mountains are calling and I must go"
john muir