Alabama Hills

Sometimes you really just need to make semi last min decisions to go up north and go camping... So thats what myself and Nathalie did last weekend. Cruised right up and headed for Alabama hills and explored a bit. But it was HOT, so we tried to escape the heat with some water. We found some fairly close to our camp spot. And it was COLD. The snow melt seems to make those streams quite cold still. Worth the dip tho.

After our dip, we headed back to the camp site. A big reason I love Alabama Hills is you can camp anywhere. So we of course found the most obscure but best view spot!

With day one coming to an end, we just chilled out and got ready to wake up at 1am for the stars!


And shortly after the 1am wakeup, we got back up for 5 am sunrise. WORTH IT!

If you're looking to attend the great outdoors in Alabama Hills this summer I suggest bringing some shade. Or else maybe you'll get a bit cooked like I did. Also a lot more camping spot up Whitney Portal. Ill hopefully be going up there soon!

- Roaming Lost.

Roaming Lost