Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon is a pretty amazing place. Its kinda of hectic if you don't have a reservation. So maybe do that before you get here. We didn't have one so we called around till we found a tour that was available. You get there, wait to hop onto a big truck and they cart you off to the canyons. Since its on a Indian reservation. The only way in is through one of these tours. And with tours comes lots of people.

Luckily we had a pretty awesome tour guide and we stuck to the back and pretty much waited as much as we could to get shots without people. But they don't love when you fall back. So you shuffle through to the other side and then back through to get back to the trucks. Its a decent amount of time for the tour. 

Afterwards I found out theres a upper and lower canyon, still unsure which one is better but next time I go ill for sure be going to check out the upper. Once I do ill come back and report on that!

Roaming Lost