Iceland Ring Road / Day 9

Our days are numbered. We gave the truck a wash before dropping off the next day. Then hit up Reykjavik Roasters one last time. Cruised around the city a bit and got some food and whatnot. By this time in the trip i wasn't bringing my camera around very much, just taking in the last bits of my time in Iceland with no distractions. Sometimes very key when traveling. ALWAYS take a min or more to take in your surroundings. I definitely tend to get lost in always wanting to get "the photo" but you always have to step back and just embrace your current state.

This will conclude my 9 Day trip around Iceland's Ring Road! I hope it was enlightening and entertaining! This trip made this idea of creating this blog a reality and I hope to bring you more!


As you can tell in this photo below, our mood is pretty drained and bummed we would be leaving for the US the next day.

Roaming Lost