Iceland Ring Road / Day 7

Day 7 started off strong & COLD. We managed to get up early. So Don and I hit the road while Mike & Paige caught up later. We headed to the iconic overview of the back sand beach in Vík. As well as Dyrhólaey Arch just on the other side of this cliff.

After hitting that up for sunrise we went back down the hill to Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach where Mike & Paige were. The weather wasn't very happy when we got down there. Strong winds and just water and sand smashing you in the face.

After that we finally had the chance to go up to a glacier. Which for me seems so surreal still after a weeks of being back. Its such a epic sight to see in person. Photos would never do it justice. But we went to a area where you can take tours. Unfortunately they weren't doing any tours because of weather. It was the windiest day throughout the whole trip. And the wind coming off the glacier was frigid.

After exploring the glacier we just kept trekking. Next stop was the epic Skógafoss. Very hard place to get a good shot without people but I managed to get a couple.

Golden Circle area is amazing because once we finished seeing a waterfall. We were able to do this 20 min hike to Iceland's oldest hot pool. You hike into this huge valley and boom a hot pool just tucked into the side of the mountain!

Made friends too! Andrea (from LA) and Maria (from Chicago)

Made friends too! Andrea (from LA) and Maria (from Chicago)

Probably the most anticipated sight of all of Iceland. The DC-3 Plane wreck. Just amazing.

Since bathrooms are hard to find we bounced back to Skógafoss and climbed up while the others did their business. Had to get this snap of Skógafoss with no tourists!


Gljúfrabúi was SO epic. Hilarious to see all these people stand outside of this seemingly cave. Maybe they didn't know what was inside? I wish I had a photo of the entrance to this.. 

Then BOOM right before you get to Gljúfrabúi you pass by Seljalandsfoss. We headed back to it as the sun was setting and the light just catching all that mist was just crazy.

AH after such a full day we were dead. But the day wasn't over. We finished it off with some Northern Light hunting, but we didn't need to go far. Our Airbnb had its own show!

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